Other Operations at Skönabäck Sweden


Skönabäck is centrally located in Skåne with commuting distances to most major cities. The facility currently has a total of 11 houses and apartments for rent.
We offer everything from 1 room apartments to houses. Nice environments to live in combined with a high standard make our accommodations very attractive, sought after and popular.
At present, all accommodations are rented out. Available apartments are advertised here and in our social medias. 

Arable land 

Skönabäck's facility consists of 400 hectares, of which 320 hectares are good arable land. In addition, there is a modern grain plant built in 2008 that can dry and store all crops produced in the fields. The plant cultivation has been leased to an external party since 2016. 

The forest 

Skönabäck also consists of about 80 hectares of forest. Parts of the forest are located in a nature conservation area with a fantastic richness of species, which also includes Lake Borgasjön, which was formed in the early 19th century. Feel free to visit our nice marked walking trails.  

The forest at Skönabäck is of the character "mixed forest", which means that there are areas with both coniferous and deciduous forests that together create a fantastic environment for plants, animals and people to live in. Forestry, hunting and fishing are conducted with great regard for the unique diversity and natural values found at Skönabäck.