Equestrian Facility

The equestrian facility at Skönabäck is well adapted for jumping, dressage and trotting horses. Our tenants are mostly professional jump riders and trotting trainers. The farm is centrally located in Skåne with proximity to all major horse events. At Skönabäck, you as a tenant have the best conditions and opportunities to develop your business. Skönabäck can offer you a modern facility in a wonderful environment and with the best service.

Training opportunities

Insulated riding hall, 24x72 metres with fibre sand surface
Skönabäck's insulated riding hall was built in 2007. The building has an appealing glass section on the western gable that allows the light to flood in. In the kitchen you find large windows that welcomes you to sit and have coffee or  lunch while watching the ongoing training inside the riding hall. The building includes a toilet and shower. Our stock of obstacles and fences is large and we provide everything that a show jumper might need to train his horses. Dressage fence of 60x20 metres is available for program training.

The riding hall surface is of high quality and consists of fiber mixed sand. Under the fibre sand surface there are specially made rubber mats that ensure that the material is always in place. Our staff harrow and water the surface continously, which means that we can offer the best possible surface to ride on.

Outdoor arena, 30x75 metres with fibre sand Surface
In an scenic environment right next to the riding hall our outdoor riding arena is situated. It has the same fine fibre sand base as the riding hall and the track is framed by a solid brown wooden fence,  with the referee tower along the side.

Dressage arena, 20x40 m with OTTO-ReiTex Surface
On the outskirt of the stable area there is an additional outdoor riding arena framed with a white A-fence. The surface consists of the popular  OTTO-ReiTex material which can be used also during very low temperatures. This track is used for lounging of young horses and dressage training.

Speed-track for trotting
In 2013 our speedtrack was completed and it is almost 1000 metres long. It is used for "fast work", where the trotting horses are trained at maximum speed. The high speed together with the maximum use of the horse's capacity means that the track must be kept in perfect condition with a smooth and reasonably hard Surface.

Deep sand track
Next to the speed track there is also a deep sand track of approximately 600 meters. The deep sand makes training here heavy and provides good cardio and strength training for the horses.

Riding and driving path
At Skönabäck there is also a slightly longer path of about 5 kilometres in the forest, perfect for walking, trotting or galloping your horses, both riding or with a sulky. The trail has a thick layer of gravel so that our riders and drivers can move at a high pace for excellent fitness training of their horses.

Riding paths
In addition to all the training tracks mentioned above, we also have a lot of nice riding trails out in the woods and fields with fabulous nature and environment to enjoy just outside the stables!

The forest path, speed track and sand track on the west side of road 102 are only to be used by our tenants. A nice riding trail in the fields and meadows on the east side of road 102, of approximately 4 km, has been prepared and is now open to use by our tenants and everyone with a valid facility card. All other riding is kindly to be avoided, unless this has been agreed with the horse manager. Contact Larissa Tandari at larissa.tandari@skonaback or 0704 010 020 for more info.