The operations of Skönabäck

Skönabäck's operations consist of equestrian sports, horse rehabilitation & training, rental of accommodation & stables, hunting & fishing and plant cultivation. Skönabäck has a very attractive location geographically as it has proximity to most major cities and airports in southern Sweden. On the property there are several beautiful buildings dating back to the early 19th century, and the main mansion at Skönabäck is to be found in the company logotype. This impressive building has been a landmark for more than 200 years. The buildings are surrounded by fantastic environment consisting of fields, lakes and forests. All development and investments of the company are carried out with a long horizon and belief in the future, which provides quality and a long-term perspective that permeates the entire company and its operations.

Horse Rehab/Equine rehabilitation centre

In the summer of 2017, a modern equine rehabilitation centre opened up at Skönabäck. To be able to offer the best service to the customers, the Equine Rehab-centre offers a range of machines and treatment methods, such as: water-treadmill, ordinary treadmill, therapeutic spa, vibrating floor and two solariums. The rehab-centre also cooperates with several specialists, such as veterinarians, blacksmiths and horse therapists, all to provide the possibility to speed up the rehabilitation and recovery time. That way horses treated at HästRehab by Skönabäck Sweden can go back to training and competition earlier than what is common without rehabilitation. Working out at the Rehab-centre is also an excellent complementary training. Our rehab centre welcomes all horse-disciplines such as jumping, dressage, western, trotting, racing, competition horses and hobby horses for professional rehabilitation. The operation of HästRehab by Skönabäck Sweden was leased to Lisa Svedberg at Svedhorse AB on the 1/9 2019. Lisa was involved already when HästRehab opened in 2017 and she continues to run HästRehab in the same professional and knowledgeable way that customers are used to.

Equestrian Sport

Skönabäck HästSport offers a high-class facility for training horses at a high level, primarily in jumping, dressage and trotting. A riding hall with an adjacent outdoor riding arena, both with fibre sand, provides the best opportunities for training all year round. Jumping and dressage competitions as well as Pay & Jump/Pay & Ride, clinics and open obstacle courses are arranged at the facility. We are happy to rent out the riding hall and the facility for your events, courses or competitions. Contact us for more information and booking:

Property & Rental

At Skönabäck there are 11 apartments/houses to let. A wonderful environment to live in combined with a high standard makes our accommodation very attractive and popular. Skönabäck is centrally located in Skåne with commuting distance to most major cities in the region. Equestrian companies primarily, are offered to rent boxes or entire stables at Skönabäck. There are over 70 horse boxes at the facility and fantastic opportunities to run your equestrian business based on individual conditions.


Skönabäck consists of about 320 hectares of arable land, well gathered around the farm's operations center. In addition, there is a modern grain plant built in 2008 that can dry and store all crops produced in the fields. The plant cultivation has been leased to an external party since 2016.

Forest & Hunting

Skönabäck also consists of about 80 hectares of forest. Parts of the forest are located in a nature conservation area with a fantastic richness of species, which also includes Lake Borgasjön, which was formed in the early 19th century. Feel free to visit our nice marked walking trails. The forest at Skönabäck is of the character "mixed forest", which means that there are areas with both coniferous and deciduous forests that together create fantastic environments for plants, animals and people to live in. Forestry and hunting are conducted with great regard for the unique diversity and natural values, which is located at Skönabäck.

The cornerstones of Skönabäck

Core values
Long-term perspective, Quality, Belief in the future

Business idea
Skönabäck conducts business in plant cultivation, forestry and hunting, real estate and horses. In all business areas, the company must deliver products that are characterized by good quality and value for money.

Develop and refine the operations at Skönabäck for the benefit of customers, employees, society and owners.

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